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Author: Varsha V


Countries are now competitively easing up the flexibility for international students for coming to their country to study or work, and also to get settled. Studying in Europe is now on the bucket list of many youngsters in India, and Germany is one of the top destinations for them. Universities in Germany are known for […]


Malta, officially Republic of Malta is an archipelago in Central Mediterranean Sea. Being situated in the Southern Europe, the country gives warm Mediterranean climate. It is a beautiful place to live, work and study. Malta is a rather new yet seemingly popular choice for many international students, especially among Indian students. One of the main […]

Study Architecture in Italy

Italy is a country with so many beautiful places to see and experience. Rome, Florence, and Venice are the three cities in Italy famous for their architectural work. The various architectural works in Italy range from The Colosseum to the latter-day skyscrapers. Being one of the richest countries in terms of arts, history, and architecture, […]

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