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PLEASE NOTE.... In the 2023 intake, the University of Turku does not offer any international Bachelor-level degree programmes.
Master's degree at the University of Turku 
At UTU, you can study in International Master's degree programmes taught in English. Get ready to apply on 4-18 January 2023 to start your studies in autumn 2023!

Master's Degree Programmes

§  MDP in Futures Studies
§  MDP in Global Innovation Management
§  MDP in Education and Learning
§  MDP in Biomedical Sciences:
> Biomedical Imaging
> Drug Discovery and Development
> Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics
§  MDP in Human Neuroscience 

§  MDP in Food Development
§  MDP in Health Technology
§  MDP in Information and Communication Technology:
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Software Engineering
§  MDP in Materials Engineering:
Health Technology Materials
Materials of Energy Technology
Modern Industrial Materials
§  MDP in Mechanical Engineering:
Digital Design
Digital Manufacturing
Smart Systems
§  MDP in Physical and Chemical Sciences:
Astronomy and Space Physics
Chemistry of Drug Development
Materials Chemistry
Materials Physics
Theoretical Physics
§  MDP in Biosciences:
              Evolutionary Biology
              Molecular Systems Biology
§  MDP in Sustainable Cities and Communities
§  MDP in East Asian Studies
§  MDP in European Languages, Cultures and Societies in Contact
§  MDP in Gender Studies
§  MDP in Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State



Who can apply !!

Eligibility for applying for Master's degrees
You are an eligible applicant for Master-level studies if
  • you have a nationally recognized first cycle degree – typically a Bachelor’s degree – from an accredited institution of higher education,
  • your degree corresponds to at least 180 ECTS (European credits) or to three years of full-time study,
  • your degree gives eligibility to master level studies in the country where it was issued,
  • your degree is in a relevant field in regard to the Master’s degree programme that you are applying to. Please check the programme page for detailed degree requirements.
Are you applying with an incomplete degree?
If you are graduating after the application deadline, you may still apply.
  • Your possible admittance is conditional until you submit proof of your graduation to University of Turku.
  • The proof of graduation must reach University of Turku by 10 August 2023, at 15:00 (local time in Finland). Scans sent via email are accepted.
If you apply for a Master's degree programme, you must attach your most recent transcript of records in the application form during the application period.

Language requirements for Master's Degree Programmes

Accepted international English language tests
Applicants must reach the minimum required test results to be considered eligible to the University of Turku. Only the tests listed below will be accepted. No exceptions will be made. 
Some test organisers give an expiration date on the tests, the University of Turku does not set any expiration dates, but the language test results must be verifiable from the online verification service of the organiser. 
The TOEFL test cannot be verified after two years. 
The PTE test cannot be verified after two years.
If the test scores can no longer be verified, the test is not valid and the applicant is advised to retake the test.

TOEFL iBT – Test of English as a Foreign Language with 
·a minimum overall score of 90 and the writing test score 20 or more on the TOEFL iBT test. 
·TOEFL iBT Home Edition is accepted.
·University of Turku code 9701.
·Combined test scores from different test dates are not accepted.
IELTS – International English Language Testing Service test (Academic). 
·an overall band score of 6.5 and the writing test score 6.0. or more. 
·The IELTS Online test is accepted.
C2 Proficiency (previously CPE) – Cambridge English Qualifications with pass grade A, B or C.
C1 Advanced (previously CAE) – Cambridge English Qualifications with pass grade A, B or C.
PTE – Academic test with a minimum overall score of 62 and the writing test score 54 or more
·PTE Academic online test is accepted.
·Degree Certificate
·Transcript of study records
·Temporary (provisional) degree certificate
·Country or Programme specific documents.
Faculty of Education:
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Education and Learning € 10,000
  • Primary Teacher Education, Bachelor´s Degree Programme (located in Rauma) and Master´s Degree Programme (located in Turku, starts in 2023) € 10,000
Faculty of Humanities:
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Gender Studies € 10,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Nordic Cultural Resilience and Social Change € 10,000 (no longer intake)
Faculty of Law:
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Law and Information Society  10,000 (no longer intake)
Faculty of Medicine:
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Biomedical Sciences € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health and Technology  € 2,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Human Neurosciences € 10,000
Faculty of Science:
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedical Sciences € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Biosciences € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences € 12,000
Faculty of Social Sciences:
  • Master’s Degree Programme in East Asian Studies € 8,000
  • Master's Degree Programme in Inequalities, Interventions and New Welfare State €10,000
Faculty of Technology:
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Food Development  € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Information and Communication Technology € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Materials Engineering € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Health Technology € 12,000
Turku School of Economics:
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Futures Studies € 10,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Global Innovation Management € 10,000
The first year tuition fee has to be paid before one can register with the University.