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What is Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

What is Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?

The Canadian government has produced the TRV counterfoil document. A visiting visa or entry visa may also be used to describe this. Foreign nationals may temporarily enter Canada using this document. It is a formal record that will be added to the passport to certify that the applicant has fulfilled all conditions for entrance to Canada. Depending on the purpose of the travel, the processing of the visa can take two to three business weeks. The second-largest nation, Canada, offers immigrants looking to relocate there is no shortage of breathtaking natural beauties and urban cities. People who enjoy the outdoors can settle and take vacations in Canada. Every year, millions of immigrants use temporary resident visas (TRVs) in addition to permanent residency to enter Canada to travel, study, or work. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issue temporary visas for entry into Canada.

A top immigration counselor like Migrit can professionally help with the application procedure, or the immigrant or foreign national can apply online on their own through an MYCIC account. The best way to go is through an immigration expert because they have extensive procedure understanding. Furthermore, when we apply on our own, there is a potential that the application contains a mistake. If there is a mistake, the application will be denied, and you won’t be able to reapply for the following five years.

Document Requirements for Temporary Resident Visa

• The foreign national or the immigrant should have a valid travel document (passport).
• They should have good health.
• They should not have any criminal or immigration-related convictions.
• They should prove that they have ties to their home country and should prove that they will return to their home country.
• They should prove that they will leave Canada once their purpose ends.
• They should prove that they have enough money for their stay in the country.

Types of Temporary Resident Visa

• Single-entry Visa
• Multiple-entry visa

A single-entry visa

Foreign nationals are permitted to enter Canada while holding this visa. The foreign national will receive this visa six months before the anticipated date of travel.

Multiple-entry visa

The foreign national may enter Canada on several occasions while holding this visa. On or before the day when their TRV expires, they must enter Canada. The duration of multiple entrance visas can be up to ten years, or until the passport expires.

Categories of Canadian Temporary Visa

1. Canada Student Visa

A foreigner may pursue a specific course of study at a certain Canadian university in Canada with the use of this permit.

2. Canada Work Visa

A work visa is needed for a foreign national to be able to temporarily work in Canada; this visa requires an employment offer from a Canadian employer.

3. Canada Visitor Visa

The immigrant is allowed to go to or visit Canada with this visa. They can visit Canada for a total of six months because of this.

4. Parents and Grandparents’ Super Visa

The super visa allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to remain in the country for up to 24 months without having to renew their status.

5. Canada Diplomatic and Official visa

Diplomats and other government representatives who want to visit Canada to carry out official duties are eligible for this sort of visa. This has been developed formally by the Canadian government.

6. Canada Business Visa

These visas are available to business people. Persons in business who want to travel to Canada regularly or who want to do business with Canadian companies. To demonstrate that their visit was for commercial objectives, the immigrant must present documents. They must show a letter of invitation from their Canadian-based business partner if they are traveling for business and meeting with a company. Furthermore, the trip shouldn’t last more than six months. You must show confirmation that the trip is exclusively for business and not to work in Canada.

7. Caregiver Visa

This visa is available to immigrants who desire to work as carers for children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities. These people are qualified to apply for this visa under the Canadian Carer program.

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