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Countries are now competitively easing up the flexibility for international students for coming to their country to study or work, and also to get settled. Studying in Europe is now on the bucket list of many youngsters in India, and Germany is one of the top destinations for them. Universities in Germany are known for their academic standards and quality education. Year by year the number of students going to Germany are increasing rapidly. Also, the German’s believe education is not a commodity to be sold, it is taught free.

Yes, you read it right!! Germans provides free education to every Europeans and Non- Europeans too. This is applied to almost all public universities in Germany. Along with it, living cost for students there are affordable. Students can also extend their stay permit after academic completion and get accessed to permanent residency. The country can undoubtedly referred to as the Students Land as there are number of cities in Germany that international students mostly prefer to study at. Some of the popular student cities are:

1. Munich

2. Frankfurt

3. Berlin

4. Hamburg

5. Stuttgart


Munich is the third largest city situated in the southernmost part of Germany. Located at the heart of Bavaria, Munich is considered as a “Land of Opportunities”. It is also a major centre for technology, art, business, automobile industry and tourism among others. Despite the city part, Munich enjoys much of Small- town ambience. Munich is rich in ancient culture and scenic beauty. International students in Munich enjoy numerous outdoor and indoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, swimming, sailing, and diving etc. Education in Munich is one of the best choice as it is a safe and clean multicultural city and is in the list of top 10 best study cities. For a student, Munich’s living costs would amount to an average of €1,363. Popular Universities in Munich are:

1. Ludwig Maximillian’s University

2. Munich Business School

3. Technical University of Munich

4. Munich University of Applied Sciences

5. University of Television and Film


Frankfurt is the smallest but most compact metropolis in the world. Frankfurt’s education is one of the most prestigious, especially for those who are interested in studying finance or business. Significantly known for its numerous skyscrapers and unique building, Frankfurt is ranked among the most liveable metropolises that has made people from all around the world come together and bring a piece of their culture in this urban diversion. The town of Frankfurt is very easy to get to and from because of its central location. If you are finishing your degree, the city may also offer you many opportunities for the future. Study in Frankfurt includes having the potential to study with some of the most advanced and experienced professors in the world. For a student, average living costs Frankfurt would amount to €1740. Popular Universities in Frankfurt are:

1. Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

2. University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt

3. Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

4. Städelschule

5. Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts


Being the largest and capital city of Germany, international students are also attracted there. It is the main German city offering global exposure to students offering high-quality education in a global setting and help you acquire skills needed for an international career. Berlin is famous for its multiculturalism and historical glory. Berlin is the home to several globally recognized universities in the world and also has some famous business schools around. The easy affordability is another high point of attraction for students. Students with lower sources of income can still make their way around this city.  The average cost of living for international students in Berlin is approximately €1,300 per month. Some popular universities in Berlin are:

1. Humbolt University of Berlin

2. TU Berlin

3. Berlin University of the Arts

4. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

5. FU Berlin


Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and is also known as “the gateway to the world”. Its multi-cultural setting and more than 20 universities make the city a great place to study. With two dozen institutions for higher education, universities offer facilities and students get their skills from outstanding professors and instructors.  There are no tuition fees when studying in a public education institution in this region. Hamburg is also known as a city which mixes both, the modern and traditional. The city is the home to Germany’s collection of entertainment and shopping. For a student, Hamburg’s living costs would amount to an average of €1245. Popular universities in Hamburg are:

1. University of Hamburg

2. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

3. Technical University Hamburg-Harburg

4. Helmut Schmidt University

5. HafenCity University


Stuttgart is country’s sixth-largest city, located in the South of Germany. It is one of the most preferred student cities in Europe, that offers numerous study programmes and opportunities to advance career-wise. Studying and living in Stuttgart is a truly convenient. It is a modern and progressive city. As one of the strongest industrial regions, this city offers students an ideal environment to study and advance their careers. Stuttgart is largely known for its zoo and botanic garden. University campuses in Stuttgart help international students meet numerous other international students and also create connections around the world. For a student, Hamburg’s living costs would amount to an average of €1100. Some popular universities in Stuttgart are:

1. The University of Stuttgart

2. The University of Hohenheim

3. Stuttgart Media University

4. Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

5. Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

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