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Malta, officially Republic of Malta is an archipelago in Central Mediterranean Sea. Being situated in the Southern Europe the country gives warm Mediterranean climate. It is a beautiful place to live, work and study. Malta is a rather new yet seemingly popular choice for many international students, especially among Indian students. One of the main reasons students get attracted to Malta is  because of their excellent standard of education. The island is famous for its highly innovative technology like AI and gaming. There are many reasons why overseas students choose Malta for their further studies.

  • English is an Official language

One of the most important thing that most students worry on studying abroad is facing language barrier. However, as Malta was a colonized country by Britishers, English became a widely spoken language among the people including the locals and is now an official language. This makes the international students to blend easily along with other people.

  • High Quality Education

The High quality of the programmes in Malta makes it one of the most sought after countries for international students. The courses in universities are offered at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level. Degrees obtained from Malta are recognized all over the world. Some of the renowned international universities have already set a base in Malta. Vocational and professional training are also available.

  • Safe Country to live at

Malta is ranked as one of the safe nation to live in the world. They are largely crime free and mostly fall into the ‘petty’ category: pick-pocketing, minor theft, etc.. It is the second safest country to live at in the case of security of women. Malta has only 0.3 violent crime incidents per 1,000 inhabitants. There aren’t any, mostly—you’ll feel perfectly safe and secure throughout Malta. The people of the island are very friendly, hospitable and happy to help new comers.

  • Low Cost of Living

Malta is one of the cheapest countries to live and study. Prices for accommodation and food are much affordable and far more economically sounded when compared to other European nations. Students receive various benefits when studying at Malta like discounts on public transportation. Prices on the island are generally very reasonable, even at rent, tuition, food, or living expenses.

study in malta
  • Perfect Weather, Scenery and Cuisine

Unlike other European countries, Malta enjoy moderate climate all year and is privileged with approximately 300 days of sunny weather a year. The island does not experience very low temperatures during winter. January and February are the coldest months of the year. There are also glorious beaches throughout Malta, and the marine life is the most diverse and colourful in the Mediterranean. In the case of cuisine, Maltese cuisine is diverse with fresh seafood and Maltese dishes are fresh, seasonal and delicious.

  • Paradise for Outdoor Activities

Apart from its quality of education, Malta also gives an unforgettable experience for each and every student. It is a paradise for anyone who’s a fan of rock climbing, water sports, soccer, sailing etc. Scuba diving in Malta is uniquely thrilling. There are also ruins of the wrecked ship under water that is now a living habitat for the sea creatures.

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